Following my very successful exhibition in April “Hollybush The People”, I am pleased to announce that my winning images from the International Garden Photography of The Year (IGPOTY) will be on display in the gardens of Wentworth Woodhouse until the beginning of July.

My way of working and making images is not bound to a single image or method. I work traditionally from my beginnings with film, with a view to get it right first time in camera, but also have a range of digital state of the art techniques to create bespoke artwork. Keeping up to date on developing and mastering new techniques and tools as they develop and technology advances.  For my Creative Images, establishing a catchy, memorable visual identity is an essential and vital link in any marketing strategy, where image is everything.

I work from my own studio, in your own home or out on location, to capture unique images, using direction and various settings to get the best out of the time we have. For my portrait work I work to create a relaxed, natural and a image that shows depth of character.