Hollybush - The People

The Hollybush Conservation Centre has been a base for The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) for over 40 years.  Over that time 10,000’s of volunteers has come through its doors, brining people of Leeds together to create, improve and care for the green spaces in and around the city. Connecting people their local green space to improve, local parks, community gardens, through to the number of waterways, wetlands and woodlands that makes up the diverse landscape, bringing with it a more healthy, happy community.

Hollybush located in Kirkstall welcomes people from all backgrounds and walks of life. It is the people of Hollybush that makes is such a special place in the community and was the background to the photography project and subsequent exhibition.



During each of the photographic sessions I got to know just a little something about all the people within the image. It struck me just how varied each person’s background was, along with their experience of Hollybush and the many benefits that they get out of attending the range of activities and courses that are on offer. 



All the images in the exhibition have been taken in Black & White, this for me removes any distraction of colour and Black and White portraiture lets the viewer see the subject's face and read his or her eyes without distraction, helping to focus on the subject's expressive state. I believe that this gives the appearance of a more timeless quality than a colour image would have been, making you stop and think about the person in the image.  

This distinctive project and exhibition celebrates those dedicated volunteers and staff who just want to make the place they live in and the world around just a little bit better from being in it and it is these people that makes Hollybush what it is today. Accompanying the images at the exhibition are a number of stories of the volunteers, who support TCV in so many ways.