I Live Where Olive Trees Once Grew

Refugee's of Moria

This is for all those who live in the many camps based around on the islands of Greece and those displaced from their homes due to war and conflict

On the island of Lesbos’s, hosts the now infamous Moria refugee camp.  This single camp houses over 20,000 refugees, that has grown from 5,000 in less than a year, when originally constructed it has an official maximum official capacity of only 3,000. For the lucky ones living in the olive grove, they have canvas tents, provided by one of the NGO’s, even these are inadequate during the winter months, for the rest they make do with either a festival tent or a tarpaulin sheet wrapped round a wooden or bamboo frame. Their thin tents are surrounded by piles of rotting rubbish, sanitation is poor, food scarce, and limited access to vital medicine and healthcare.

To increase awareness of the situation that people are having to endure and to raise much needed funds, I have produced a book with the proceeds going to support the refugee aid agencies on the ground.


The book documents the people living outside the main camp in what was once pristine olive groves, in makeshift buildings and tents. The signed 1st edition book can be purchased from this page, by clicking the Moria Sign below or buy it directly from Amazon, with each sale a donation is made to a charity supporting refugees.