Latest Projects

Photography for me, is all about a creating a feeling in the person looking at a photograph or image.  My work allows me to save those feelings, so in time I can look back on them and it will transport me back to that place and time. Bringing to life people who may have passed away or places that have long since gone.

My photographic projects are a way to tell a story, when a single image cannot portray the whole and reflects the way I felt about the environment around me at that time.

This area is dedicated to my personal projects, ongoing or completed. They are stories and places that I care about that mean’s something to me on a personal level. Memorable moments in time that will live with me always.

Refugees of Moria Those Who Care
Hollybush - The People Isolation

East Coast Light Park Hill Revisited





Peak District Weather Peak District Images
Now that all the Children Have Gone