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I am very excited to be able to announce that I will now be able to provide Photo Booth services at Weddings, Parties, Events and Prom Nights.

For a small fee you guests will be able to take away with them a high quality images with them, a range of services is available to choose from and I am really excited to be able to offer this brand new service. From a standalone Photo Booth at your event, to an addition to your wedding to round off an amazing day.

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America GI American GIBefore the battle There is something about taking a portrait, it can capture so much about a person. The lighting is a critical factor, depending on the type of image you are after. This photograph of an American GI reenactor shows him thoughtful before the upcoming battle. The tone in the image gives something extra that puts it in the time, a colour image with bright colours would give a totally different feel and was not what I had in mind when I took the shot.

There is something about taking a portrait, it can capture so much about a person. The lighting is a critical factor, depending on the type of image you are after. This photograph of an American GI reenactor shows him thoughtful before the upcoming battle. The tone in the image gives something extra that puts it in the time, a colour image with bright colours would give a totally different feel and was not what I had in mind when I took the shot.

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Harvest Mice Workshops 2018 I am pleased to announce that now that my new studio is finished I will be running a number of Harvest Mice Photography workshops in 2019. 
Each workshop will last 2 hours and will cost £45 with a £20 non refundable deposit will be required at the time of booking. There is a maximum of 2 per session so that you get the best out of it.
Tuition will be given if required to maximise your experience so that you get the most out of your session. The photos of the mice have won awards in both local and International competitions. There will be a range of different props to use during the session, if you have a shot in mind or have an idea which you you would like to develop then just let me know.
The best lens for the shoot will be either a macro lens, but this is not a necessity as the image below was taken with a 85mm.
The session will be run from my studio which is located in Penistone, South Yorkshire.
Any queries or to book please just email me.
Kindest regards,

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Oliver - What Show, What a Performance What a week, it was a real honor being with some very talented people. Photographing the performance of Oliver was challenging due to the lighting and where I could stand. But it was a great few days, once the final curtain had been called and the stage taken down, there will only be memories of a great few days. I hope that the images taken has done some justice to all those who made it happen. It will last with me for a long time to come.

Well done one and all!

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Armistice Day 100 Year’s Since the Great War I have the recent opportunity to visit the Tower of London and see for myself the “Beyond the Deepening Shadow”  This was a moving experience, manged to get a ticket into the moat, which got me really close the 10,000 individual flames. I got there for the last entrance and some of the flames were already dying.

As well as a visual spectacle there was sound being broadcast from actors who wandered around with speakers strapped to their bodies, this was described as “ a sonic exploration of the shifting tide of political alliances, friendship, love and loss in war”

After visiting the Tower a couple of years ago to see the ceramic poppies, I thought at the time this would be hard to follow, but the organisers have done a wonderful job and it was a very moving symbol of remembrance.

Due to the number of visitors, tripods were not allowed, but I did manage to get this image of a Warder with his shadow cast against the wall of the moat. It is a symbolic image which shows the flames surrounding wader.

Images may only take a second to shoot, but for me they capture a moment in time which can never be re-created. Looking back at the image now, it reminds me of a time and a place, along with a powerful remembrance what it stood for and all those that gave their live in the service of their country.

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Owls By Night Shoot None stop this weekend, culminating in an Owls by Night workshop at the national centre for birds of prey in North Yorkshire.

Photographing at night in low light is always a challenge, especially as no flash was permitted to be used. The owls are particularly sensitive to bright light, so that only left the light from a small handheld torch, which did not give off a great deal off illumination.

A sturdy tripod and fast shutter speed was the order of the day, along with a very high ISO on my camera. But it was worth while as the shots that did come out I was pleased with, also the owl handlers did state that they have not had any usable images from previous events due to the lighting conditions.

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Foggy Morning for Deer Autumn is well and truly here, but it is no time to put your camera away for the winter. Autumn can be on of the best times of the year, with Deer Rutting, leaves on trees turning a range of colours. Or just animals such as squirrels busy finding acorns and nuts hiding them away ready for the upcoming winter. This recent shot of deer at Studley Royal is a case in point, I got up before dawn to capture them in the early morning light, but when I got there it was thick fog. Not to miss an opportunity this made for a very dramatic show with the crow coming into land.

The weather forecast for the morning was bright sunshine, could hardly be more of a contrast to what I found when I arrived. But everything is an opportunity, there are so many deer shots in bright light and this is something a bit different.

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Seals, Seals & More Seals Well what a great weekend spent with friends at the Farne islands, photographing and diving with all the seals that call this part of the UK home.  The females are all ready to give birth and they will be doing so in the upcoming weeks, I did spot 2 new pups on the Outer Farne isle.  They must have been early as the majority still have a little time to go. It is always a pleasure going up there, the boat trip out of Seahouses is only around 20 minutes from the harbor, depending on the tide and sea state.

The trip is always worth it as we are greeted by very curious seals, who swim out for a closer look at everyone on the boat. The highlight for me is getting in the water and diving with them, on land they can be aggressive and it is wise to keep away from them. But in the water they are totally different, as this their environment and the one they are most comfortable with.  The first encounter is a seal behind you biting and tugging on your fins, once they gain confidence they will come right up to you and they do like their belly scratched.

These encounters make for great interaction, you can get some great photographs and memories.


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Day Cut Short
Well bit of a mixed bag today, this morning didn't go as planned. Was planning to photograph a fox but only caught a glimpse of a large raptor flying into the tree line and in hindsight it probably scared most things off. So decided to head up to Harewood House and look for the Red Kites which it is known for. Had a great walk round and just getting settled to take photographs of the Kites, when there was a security incident and we all had to evacuate the park. Loads of police, ambulances and fire engines, hope everyone was ok. In the short time I was there managed to capture this shot, which I am quite pleased with. Pity I could not stay longer, will have to make a point of going back.
So glad that the nice people at Harewood House emailed me this morning that my ticket would be valid on any day in the future to go back and finish off my visit.
Already looking forward to going back again, hopefully this time I will get chance to take photographs of the Red Kites.
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That time of year again when the Deer start to Rut Its that time of year when the deer start to rut, the testosterone flows, which makes an great opportunity to shoot the males fighting for dominance and the right to mate with the females.

My advice is not to get to close, those antlers can do some damage, so a good focal length of 300mm+ on a full frame camera is idea.  Get down low, ideally eye level or slightly lower I find makes for a better composition.

This shot was taken early in the morning just as the sun was coming up, if I had left it longer the light would have gone. A storm was rolling in and this was taken in the calm before the storm. I have found that when the weather forecast shows a large storm heading my way, the light before it actually hits can be really good. Just need to make sure that one's camera equipment is protected if you get caught out! I don't mind getting soaked through, but my camera does.

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The day did not turn out as anticipated This weekend I was looking to photograph a Short-Eared Owl, after researching recent sighting on the internet one of the areas which they have been seen in recently was near to me.  Getting up before dawn so I could be in place ready to capture images of these great creatures.

The dawn came and went, and nothing appeared, in fact there was very little signs of life from any creature feathered or not. So, I waited patiently longer into he morning, when the full sun came out it was very apparent that the Owls were not around and were not going to make an appearance.

Not wanting to go home without a shot, I quickly searched areas around me for what had been spotted. A nature reserve only 10 miles away looked like my best chance, so I packed up and moved location.

Within half an hour a Kingfisher came and sat near to me, the sun came out and everything was good in the world. I was disappointed that the Short-Eared Owl did not make an appearance, but was very happy with the shots I did get. Wildlife photography is not an exact science and there will be other days and opportunities.

Never give up on your goals patience and perseverance will always pay off in the end.

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Patience & Perseverance Pays Off We all loved this photo, as it really captures the personality of this very friendly and extremely lively dog. This was one of those rare moments that he stood still during the entire shoot. But with animals patience is the key, there will be moments when everything comes together to make a great shot.

The location had a shadow area, with the rest in full sun, going later in the evening made for great light. But due to the personality of the subject, which hardly stopped moving for the entire shoot, made metering difficult. Another problem was ensuring that the eyes remained sharp, there were a lot of shots that could not be used due to the eyes which were not completely sharp. Shallow depth of field did not help, as I wanted to ensure that the busy background was thrown out of focus.

But taking the time, persevering and most importantly loads of patience paid off and we got a number of great images, that we were all pleased with.

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Busy week out with my camera Well what a week it has been, from photographing birds of prey on Wednesday, through to two fostering events on Saturday and to round it off a Christening on Sunday.
The key for me is to be organised and spending time finishing off retouching or editing the images taken from one assignment, before setting off on the next. With travel this may not always be the case, but I do aim to have all the images rated and then edited just as soon as I am able. This ensures that I do not build up a backlog of outstanding work, many people like to see the final images shortly after they were taken. Back when I started photography this was not the case as one had to send off the colour film to be developed and this took time, printing black & white in my darkroom was also time consuming.  
In the internet age, people expect much shorter timescales and don't want to be waiting weeks for their images, printed materials will still take time, wall art and photo books still need to be sent off to the printers and people on understand this.

Prey Spotted

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Wonders of the Natural World The wonders of the natural world never fail to amaze me, the diversity of the plans and animals that we share this planet with is something that we need to treasure and preserve for generations to come.

With global warming, loss of habitat and persecution, we are in danger of loosing a lot of the species that makes up our ecosystem, once we have lost them they are gone forever. 

Photography enables us to capture nature at its best, this image of an Owl on the hunt, captured with a fast shutter speed, shows the intensity and focus on the prey it is after.


On the Hunt

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“Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”


I was looking back at this photograph and was reminded by the quote from Aldo Gucci the famous designer who said that “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”. How true that is, cheep will not last and will get tired quickly, where as quality lasts much longer if not forever.
Take a table you may have bought from MFI, if you can remember that far back, I bet that this has long gone. But the table made of solid wood, hand made by craftsmen will still be pride of place in your dining room. Photographs are the same, the Snapchat image that is there for a moment in time is gone, but a high quality print of a loved one will last a lifetime.


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Why printed photographs are so important One of the best quotes I have seen recently is from Vint Cerf VP of Google who is quoted to say that "If you have a picture you really care about, you'd better print it" This is so true as we are in an age of so many images being taken, we become desensitised to them.

It is only when we have the physical print in our hands it really connects with us. This is also why I believe that there has been a resurgence in vinyl records, as this is something tangible not just a mp3 held on a computer or in the cloud. Cloud companies come and go, who remembers “my Space”? even worse, who had pictures on it?

Storage media gets updated regularly, I first started saving images on floppy disk, then CD rom, then USB.  My new Mac Book Pro does not come with USB anymore, but now Thunderbolt 3. So when you receive a USB stick with all your wedding photographs on, how may years will you still be able to use it?

A print is something that if printed correctly, can last a lifetime and be handed down when we are no more. How much would I give for just one more photograph of my mum who died a few years age. At weddings is a great opportunity for families and friends to get together, when they are over people move on, grandparents pass away.  To be able to pick up a photograph for me, takes me back to that place and time, more than any other medium.

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Rabbit Day One thing I love is getting out doors with my camera, plenty of time and patience is required to get anything like a good shot.  Often after a day out one comes back with not much to show for all the time and effort.

Take this rabbit for example, they can be such nervous creatures to get close enough to, to be able to fill the frame and get an image worth keeping.  I spent time getting into position, the rabbits were just starting to re-appear and then a dog walker comes past.  I was well off the beaten track and was surprised to see them both so close.

All that time wasted, but I managed to get this shot as the rabbit headed back to the nearest undergrowth. On a positive note it was a really nice day and there were plenty of other things to do to pass the time

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Sasha Dog Portrait Session It is said that you should never work with children and animals, but I don't find that this the case at all.

Take this photo session with Sasha for example, she was so well behaved and just loved being the centre of everyone’s attention. The key I have found is to spend time getting to know the subject and playing with them, she loved her ball and once I started throwing it around the back garden she became my best friend for the duration of the shoot.

Animals, along with children can get board easy so it is good to have things to occupy them during the session. This also has the benefit of getting great interaction and poses that come naturally rather than forced.  Who has been in the situation when a family member came around and you had to sit still and say cheese, I look back on these types of photo and cringe.  So much better to spend time and get natural images that you can look back on in years to come, which will spark a good memory.

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