The Power of Print

You can always get the digital images of course, but on a very personal basis, I firmly believe that a photograph is not a photograph unless printed. I produce stunning contemporary albums that complement my documentary style perfectly. GraphiStutio are in my opinion the best quality albums on the market today and we custom design every album tailored to your requirements using the finest matierials.




Designed, Built And Delivered By Hand

You may be wondering how our wedding albums process works so I’d like to run through what happens after the wedding to your final album delivered to your door. I custom design every collection tailored to your requirements.

Wedding Albums

This is your wedding album and it will have 30 pages included within the price. Before starting to design, I’ll check with you to see if you would like me to keep exactly to the number of pages included in your package, or whether you’d like me to include more.


Design & Build Your Wedding Album

After I creat the final set of photographs, I will check them one last time before to edit them down into what I think is the perfect set of images from the day. These are the ones I think will work best in the album and which will give a balanced account of what happend on your wedding day.


Wedding Album Proofing

I use a program from GraphiStudio to create the album for you to view and proof your album pages. As you look through the album, we can discuss the images and the arrangements within the album. As well as deleting pages, you may want to change some of the photos to ones you’d prefer instead . Often, only a few changes are needed, and the wedding album can be signed off and ordered after the first session.