Your Questions Answered

Below is a Quick Questions & Answers to help the you choose the right photographer, and understand why photographers charge what they charge, along with covering some of the all too common questions that pop up regarding your wedding photography. I think I’ve included the “How” “Why” and “Should”, but if there is something you think I’ve missed off, please do not hesitate to ask.

Q1. What is your photography style?
A: As an award winning documentary photographer I use this style across my photography, every image is captured in a  natural way that tells a story. It is all about capturing your day as it unfolds. In the build up to your big day I will get to know you and the people who will be attending through a number of face to face sessions. This will help you to become comfortable around me and the camera.

Q2. Can I alter the packages to suit me?
A: Of Course! Every wedding is different an you may find the packages on offer cover everything you are looking for, but if you have anything specific in mind just let me know and we can discuss your ideas in more detail.

Q3. Shot list?
A: This is something that  I would encourage and we can go through with you before your wedding day in more detail. I have a list of photographs that I would aim to capture on a standard day. But if there is something in particular that you would to be captured just let me know me, it is your special day.

Q4.Pre Wedding Consultation?
A: I always aim to meet up with you at least once fact to face before the day. This is really important tso that we can get to know each other before your day, we can go through your itinerary, shot list, venue, special requests and just get to know you both as a couple.

Q5. What is a Pre Wedding Shoot?
A: A pre wedding shoot is a chance for  us all to have some time photographing together before your wedding day. Often one of the shots is used on the day for people to sign and can be as formal or informal as you wish, there is no set rules on how you want to spend the time.

Q6. Have you been to my venue before?
A: Over the years I have been to a number of venues so there’s a good chance I have been to your venue before. But if the venue is new to me I always make sure I visit every  venue at least once before the wedding and speak to the manger/wedding coordinator.

Q7. How many photographs do you take?
A: Lots! My documentary style of photography means that I capture your day as it happens. Because every wedding is unique, the amount of photographs I take varies for each couple. All photographs are carefully edited before reviewing with them with you and uploading them to your secure private online gallery.

Q9. Will you stay after the first dance?
A: Yes, depending on the package! As it is usually when people are most relaxed and getting onto the dance floor, I usually make my way round the tables taking individual or couples shots.

Q10. What happens if your camera breaks?
A: I always have
backup of everything, I will bring two cameras with me on the day. I only use professional equipment which is insured and serviced regularly, so nothing is left to chance.

Q11. What happens if you’re ill on the day?
A: If the worst happens and an unforeseen medical emergency should occur, I have other photographers I can call on to step in. This is something that has never happened but for piece of mind they are there for
just in case.

Q12. How is my album designed?
A: Depending on the album we will select a number of images that you would like to include and I will put a basic design together for you. We can then review the design, layout and album finish together before final sign off, It is your album so you choose the photographs that go in it.
Customisation includes typeface, font size, paper type and weight along with special finishes.

Q13. How long will it take to see my photographs?
A: I pride myself on having a very efficient workflow and my goal is to have you images uploaded to your secure website within a couple of weeks and arrange to see you shortly afterwards. If you are having a GraphiStudio album that can take up to 6 weeks to be created
and shipped from Italy.

Q14. How far in advance do I need to book?
A: Earlier the better, my diary can fill up very quickly and I limit myself to the number of weddings I do in one year.  This means that I can focus on you and the quality of the work that I produce.

Q15. How do I secure my date?
A: Securing your date is really simple, I just require a 10% deposit, along with a signed contract.

Q16. Do I have to pay travel expenses?
A: No as long you and your wedding is either in South Yorkshire or Lincolnshire, travel is included in the price.

Q17. Can I keep all of my images?
A: Of Course. You’ll receive digital copies of every image in your online gallery. All the photographs are fully edited and will be a minimum of 1200 pixels on the long edge.

Q18. What is the average costs of a wedding photographer?

A: Around £900-£1500 for a full day, without an album. Many spend more though, and many pay less

Q19. How should I price wedding photography?

A: Typically, spend between 10-15% of your wedding budget on wedding photography of 20% if photography is particularly important to you.

Q20. Why does wedding photography cost so much?

A: It’s hard to explain in just a few lines, but the costs of equipment are enormous (over ten thousand pounds worth of kit is in most photographers bags) and quality training in expensive too. We also have to pay for sample albums, websites, advertising, credit card systems, customer management systems and so on. Most of all though, wedding photographers spend between 20 and 50 hours on a single wedding in conversations with couples, the photography itself, post-production and sending out the final files.

Q21. A magazine or blog said I shouldn't pay more that "£750" for photography is this right?

A:Well it’s up to you. However, magazines and blogs are journalists who don't know about photography. It would be like me saying “you shouldn't pay more than £1.50 for a wedding magazine” when in reality I don't understand anything at all about what quality of magazine that will get me. £900 is the minimum I would ideally pay for full day photography, not the maximum.

Q22. Are wedding photographers wealthy if they get paid so much for a days work?

A: Sadly mot, it's not a single days work to finish a wedding - it usually takes 5-7 days total.

Q23. Should I negotiate with my preferred wedding photographer?

A: If your preferred photographer is more expensive than others, it’s likely for a good reason. Some photographers may negotiate, but photographers who are in demand won’t do. In reality, you’re likely to have to decide to pay their fee or choose someone else.

Q24. Why are some wedding photographers more expensive?

A: More expensive photographers are like more delicious meals – more consistent, higher quality, more artistic, more skilled, produced with better equipment and delivered on better materials. They are likely to notice details that a cheaper photographer wouldn’t even consider, so in theory, every photograph should be a bit better.

Q25. Should I care about the quality of my wedding photography?

A: Well, I can’t answer that for you, but rather than assuming a cheaper photographer can do the job, think about how you would feel if you didn’t receive the quality you would like. That may give you an answer to your question.

Q26. Should I get my friend to photograph my wedding?

A: The answer is almost always “no” unless you have no choice. Firstly, if your friend is not a wedding photographer, the fact that they have a nice camera and take some beautiful photos is virtually meaningless. Just the speed of a wedding is enough to trip up very experienced photographers. They will likely be confused about what’s coming next, and you will probably miss sections of the day.